Think Confident, Be Confident #confidencemindset

Many people in their career are pressured to believe they need to reach monetary milestones in order to achieve success. Perhaps it is making a certain amount of money each year, owning a specific car, or achieving a title at work. However, would you guess true confidence and positive self-esteem do not automatically come with the pay increase and title at work?

As Amy Cuddy points out in her book “Presense”, true confidence stems from real love and leads to long term commitment to growth. False confidence on the other hand, comes from desperate passion and leads to dysfunctional relationships, disappointment and frustration.Having true confidence and positive self-esteem are both highly positive traits but not all individuals are truly confident.

So, that job promotion and the title bump–you might be radiating confidence for a hot second, but then reality sets in quick. Lady, your CONFIDENCE is showing. BUT Is it true confidence?

Cuddy goes on to say that true belief in oneself, in ones ideas is grounding, it defuses threat.

How do we know if we have true confidence? Below is a list of core values a truly confident person would possess.

  1. Commitment to Growth
  2. Create Value for Others
  3. Be Present— Put Assumptions Aside
  4. Acknowledge Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  5. Accept Others and Welcome Feedback

I challenge you to take time today and jot down numbers 1-5 on a sheet of paper. After each number, write the core value and how you are working toward building your truly confident self. If it is blank, that is okay! Write down how you would approach a situation in the future with a true confidence mindset.

Growth is a journey—Career Love Collective can help you take this moment to see your progress and evaluate your next step. In the “Confident You” program, we tailor a plan that works best for you. No guessing, no cookie cutter plan. It is specific to your goal in mind. Schedule a one-on-one appointment today to start your journey with Career Love.



2 Replies to “Think Confident, Be Confident #confidencemindset”

  1. Dear Jess,

    I recently saw your post about bullying in the work place. What a fantastic post! Workplace bullying is real and can affect a person. I find the reason the boss or bosses
    bully is because the boss or bosses are insecure in their own role. They control the you the worker, because they can’t control themselves. A workplace should be filled with empowerment and working together to build each other up. If someone is not understanding, there should be support offered. I have worked in a supportive environment and now I work in a bullying environment. It has affected me as a person, a worker, and has shaken my core. I was lucky to have experienced a supportive environment. I should have never let it go. I was naive to think I was going to take a new position at a different company and grow with the proper support. You are correct , I have learned and I am coming out stronger on the other end! It has been a learning experience and if someone is thinking they are being bullied-get out! You are worth more! Thanks for the post, it is important to know there is support and no one should be bullied.


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