Top Three Lessons of 2017 – A Year in Review

Lately, emails are bombarding my inbox with promises and deals of it’s a “new year, new you”.  I can say with 100% certainty that I am still the ‘same ole’ jess’ in this new year of 2018, but the experiences in 2017 taught me valuable lessons for this new year.

A Year in Review

In 2017, I moved to a new state, went back to school, and founded a business.  As a small business owner of Career Love Collective, I grappled with NOT having a full time job (which I have always had), fear of rejection, small wins, big wins, personal failures that stung deep and successes, most of which I have difficulty recalling. What got me though this time of change is my core values and my strong personal foundation. I was really put to the test.  

So, 2017, as memory serves, you were brutal. You taught me so much that I am eternally grateful for, and because of that, I am sharing my top three lessons below:

Let Go of the Junk

People say ‘you can’t take it with you when you go’ and they aren’t kidding. Whether it is physical stuff taking up your basement and storage space, or negative people in your life, think about how much personal energy you waste by engaging in the junk. I let go of junk this year. I accepted people who will never change, I donated 90% of my stuff, I downsized my living space. The letting go was the easiest part, it’s the accepting that was the challenge. We define ourselves by our stuff, the people around us. Stuff doesn’t make us happy, people don’t make us happy. Only you make YOU happy.

Be Present

You’ve seen it. You are in a checkout line, how many people around you are looking down on their phones or have headphones plugged in? Guilty. Been there. I’ve caught myself too many times to count losing my engagement with the person in front of me. The irony is I love connecting with people. I felt I was losing touch with myself. I put the phone down in line, I talked to people, I made eye contact, I asked follow-up questions. The best compliment to date through my habit change, “You really see me”.  

Live Your Truth

Living my purpose was a scary idea. The thought of putting myself out there to my little corner of the world with Career Love Collective–I didn’t feel ready. Guess what? One day I started. I started telling people my ideas. I started feeling more sure of myself. I wrote a blog. SCARY. I shared the blog. People didn’t curse at me. COOL. I gave a voice to my truth. Career Love Collective was born from my dream of serving women everywhere my brand of leadership coaching. You can live your truth, because only you know your power.               

What did 2017 teach you? Tell me in the comments!

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