Get your confidence back and ‘unstuck’ from your workplace slump. Career Love is here to empower you to get on track in your career and life. Career Love’s proven techniques will take you out of your ‘rut’ and find joy and find satisfaction and purpose in your work. This 12 week Confidence Bootcamp focuses on positive emotional changes to propel you forward into your career.

The Secret to My Success is Now Yours

I know it can be scary and intimidating to imagine yourself as anything other than trapped. You think, “I have a job, it pays the bills…that is good enough, right? Who am I to want more?”

I had the exact same fears.

How can I put my life on hold, face my fears? What if I don’t like the outcome…What if I mess up? What if I leave my job too soon? What if I speak up at work and get fired? I can’t lose my job. 

OKAY, woah. Get all of your fears and anxiety out of your system. Write down every hesitation on paper.

Moving forward is a tough decision. I know what you are going through. It took a year of mentally beating myself up, to finally allow my fears to take over and help me move forward. And see, I am here. Stronger. The difference is I am here to help you through the transition. I’ve been there. I know the pitfalls of change.

As I write this message to you, I received a message of gratitude from a former client that brings me to tears. These are messages from clients who excitedly report back to me that their life has absolutely been transformed with this program.

Your life can be beautiful.

I can say, without a doubt, this program has influenced countless women to make the tough decisions. Giving them back their fulfilling and rewarding life.

I want to share all my secrets with you. That is why I created the 12 Week Confidence Boot Camp.

About Your Host –  Over the years, Jess has seen too many women leave the workforce completely due to inflexible work environments and strained work relationships.  She is truly living her best self by helping others overcome workplace challenges to become confident and authentic. Currently, she is enrolled in a Masters of Business program and opened Career Love Collective. She holds a Communications Degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Life Coach Certificate. Jess is on a mission to inspire women to be their most confident self.

Why waste so much of your life wishing, hoping and not doing? Here is a blueprint to get you started in a positive direction.

12 Week Confidence Boost Bootcamp

Month 1 – Self Awareness

Week 1 – Expectations and Internal Self Discovery

Week 2 – Full Group Class

Week 3 –  Internal Reflection

Week 4 – Reflection Review with Group Class

Month 2 – External Communication

Week 5 – Full Group Class

Week 6 – Personal Reflection

Week 7 – Pairing with Classmates to Reflect and Practice

Week 8 – Full Group Class

Month 3 – Internal Communication 

Week 9 – Personal Reflection & Prework

Week 10 – Full Group Class

Week 11- Personal Reflection

Week 12 – Wrap Up