Hey there! My name is Jess. I am a Wisconsin gal, born and raised! I call Minneapolis home these days. I studied communications and public relations at the University of Wisconsin and proceeded to work in digital marketing and the fast paced world of special events for ten years.

What I enjoyed the most at work was helping others solve their challenges. So many times I didn’t even realize that I was coaching friends through their crisis moments. This deep dive in personal development spurred a passion for authentic leadership and confident personal development. Founding Career Love Collective was a natural fit.

I’ve worked with individuals who are firm in their career decisions, needing executive leadership skills to get them to the next level AND I’ve coached women unsure on their career path, just working a job to collect a paycheck, desiring more.

In my free time, I love to watch films, read and brunch with my hubby, Terry.  I am currently pursuing my Masters of Business in Leadership Development at Hamline University in Minneapolis.  

Each woman I serve has a unique story with a unique program tailored specifically for their needs. I look forward to chatting with you soon.



Founder/ Career Love Collective

‘A mentor who, because she is detached, can hold up a mirror to us’ – P.W. Keve


What’s different about Career Love Collective? Career Love Collective coaches individuals to overcome challenges in life to be authentic and confident. As a trusted guide and advocate, Career Love Collective has selected specific tools provided in this program just for your growth. Your tool box will fill each week, paired with one-on-one mentoring, to grow your inner resilience and lead you in the direction of a purpose filled life.


Inspired to have Jess at a public speaking event? 

Having faced her own adversity in the workplace, Jess turned these challenging experiences into growth opportunities and has dedicated her time to empowering women and youth to find their own brand of confidence to overcome anything.  In her most recent talk, “Discover Your Why”, Jess offers her expertise on the power of finding your purpose to drive honest communication and put you on the path to truly trusting yourself as an authentic leader. Most recently, Jess has brought her message to Wework, Bumble and thousands of students in her online courses.

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