1-on-1 Career Discovery 

Who is this program right for? The only way to know how to be your true self at work is to understand who you are at your deepest, core level. Who you are is not your finding your perfect job or the labels you have given yourself through the years. Who you are is a larger representation of your values and experiences.  Together, we will discover your true path in the career discovery program.

Six Program Outcomes:

> Banish Self Limiting Beliefs
> Develop Self Control
> Define Core Values
> Personal Self Evaluation 
> Build Life on Self Truth
> Create Personal Action Plan



Virtual Courses 

Learn from Jess in the comfort of your home with online courses. Current course offerings are specific for individuals struggling with low self-confidence. The course will give you actionable takeaways to implement immediately.

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence [Online Course]

Find Your Life Purpose and Be More Confident [Online Course]



 About Jess- Over the years, Jess has seen too many women leave the workforce completely due to inflexible work environments and strained work relationships.  She is truly living her best self by helping others overcome workplace challenges to become confident and authentic. Currently, she is enrolled in a Masters of Business program and opened Career Love Collective. She holds a Communications Degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Life Coach Certificate. Jess is on a mission to inspire women to be their most confident self.

What’s different about Career Love Collective? Career Love Collective mentors women just like you to overcome challenges in life to be authentic and confident. As a trusted guide and advocate, Career Love Collective has selected specific tools provided in this program just for your growth. Your tool box will fill each week, paired with one-on-one mentoring, to grow your inner resilience and lead you in the direction of a purpose filled life.